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Hi, my name is Camilla–I am so happy you found your way to my website, One Bowl Baker!

photo of camilla, a baker, in a white kitchen

My mother was, and is, my primary baking influence. She taught me the joys of home baking, especially the importance of sharing what you make. She is responsible for giving me my first cookbook, too: The Cricket Magazine Cookbook, which set all of the recipe directions to the tune of familiar songs. How brilliant is that? I’ve been hooked on baking ever since.

I have since written more than 20 cookbooks, most of which are baking books. One of my favorites is a one-bowl cake book called Piece of Cake. Cakes are the tip of the one-bowl-baking iceberg, hence this site was born. Here I can share all of the simple, stress-free, seriously delicious recipes I make to share with my family, friends and community. Great baking brings people together, so let’s get to it!

When I’m not developing recipes in my home kitchen, I love to exercise (I am an avid runner), get outside, spend time with my family and friends, watch my son play baseball, travel, and read (everything, but always good British mysteries).

Oh, and if you are looking for gluten-free, plant-based recipes (especially baking recipes), you can also find me on my other website, Power Hungry®.

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